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Book of the Month

Mr Lynch's Holiday

Catherine O'Flynn

The modern dream of working online from a place in the sun has turned into a nightmare for Eamonn Lynch. Stuck in a half-built development in Spain, he has no work, few neighbours and a girlfriend who has just walked out. The arrival of Eamonn’s recently-widowed father only adds to his misery. But forced together for two weeks, they gradually reconnect and find their way to an unexpected future. Funny, shrewd and warm-hearted, this is a perfect summer read.

RRP: £8.99
Offer: £6.99

Book of the Week

Alone: The Triumph and Tragedy of John Curry

Bill Jones

Thwarted by his factory-owner father from taking up ballet, John Curry became the world’s greatest figure skater instead. In doing so, he fulfilled his creative ambitions by turning the discipline from a sport about technique into an art form. But he led a deeply troubled personal life, indulging in reckless gay sex which led to his death from Aids at the age of 44. This brilliantly-researched biography doesn’t shy away from the darker side, but it is also a poignant tribute to Curry’s genius.

RRP: £18.99

Offer: £16.99


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